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"It is important to live as if we are always on the eve of a great discovery and prepare to welcome it as completely, intimately, and ardently as we can." -- Maeterlinek

This is a community for serious, intelligent discussion about realians and intelligent design. There did not seem to be any serious groups that concentrated only on this religion. Membership is only moderated to be sure obvious 'adder' and 'troll' journals do not apply. This community does NOT represent the official word of what the Movements beliefs are; for that please see the link below.

It is a good idea to go ahead and read Rael's book that began this movement. It is located online for legal download on the web site: http://www.rael.org/download.php?view.1

Other pages:
Stuff I sell!
The Geniocracy Project

A good mailing list to be on if you like the types of articles that come to this community is the Raelian's own Rael-Science mailing list. This provides links to third party articles as I am doing here, and it hits a lot of things that I don't find. Also I am less likely to put something here if I see the article there. (Of course that doesn't mean you can't discuss them here.)
Just send a blank email to rael-science-select-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join that.

1) Intelligent discussion is encouraged. Trollers are not.
2) We are not here to convert or convince, only to inform or discuss. So please do not troll or annoy other communities.

I realize there will not be a great number of people that are flocking to such a community. But it is here if people wish to connect and discuss. It would be nice to see some links to news articles about current events and scientific breatkthroughs as well.